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Episode 9: The Future of Chinese Food in America with Luke Tsai

Episode Summary

On Episode 9 we're joined by Luke Tsai, Bay Area Food Editor @ KQED, self proclaimed stinky tofu connoisseur and all around expert of immigrant communities and the food they make joins us to talk about the recent past and future of Chinese food in America, including how young Asian American chefs infuse their varied experiences into their cuisine and the tradeoff of upscaling their food.

Episode Notes

Lucia and Sean talk Eileen Gu, Nathan Chen and Winter Olympics (0:30)

Luke joins the conversation and shares how he got into food writing (7:12)

How Chinese American food has evolved over the last 10-20 years (13:35)

The Rehabilitation of Panda Express (22:27)

Cross-pollination of food cultures and the new approach to "fusion" (27:30)

How young Chinese American chefs are building their restaurants and the up-scaling of Chinese American food (35:09)

What is the future for Chinese Food in America? (47:00)


Restaurants Luke mentions: 

Panda Express

Jiangnan Cuisine (recently closed)

Lazy Susan


Mr. Jiu's

R&G Lounge

El Mexicano 


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