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Episode 10: Hip Hop History and Culture in China with Wes Chen

Episode Summary

On Episode 10 we're joined by the most connected man in China's underground hip hop scene: Radii's Wes Chen. Wes is a radio/podcast host, producer and creator who has had a hand in the rise and growth of hip hop in China. We talk to Wes about how he's seen the music and culture change, his involvement with AR's beef with Kris Wu, and his recommendations on who and where to listen in Chinese hip hop.

Episode Notes

Caiwei reintroduces herself as a China Correspondent and we give updates on the 1990 Institute and discuss the murder of Christina Lee. (0:34)

Wes joins the conversation (2:42)

Wes shares how he started the Park, the first Chinese hip hop radio station/podcast. (5:00)

Caiwei/Lucia share their first memories listening to hip hop in China and Wes gives a breakdown of the evolution of the genre (9:00)

How did hip hop get accepted into Chinese and broadly, Asian culture? (13:40)

Do Chinese artists recognize the roots of hip hop and Wes' views on cultural appropriation (23:05)

Wes' involvement in the AR/Chris Wu diss track (31:40)

Wes' artist and club recommendations (38:30)



Christina Yuna Lee Memorial Fund

Radii's China From All Angles Podcast hosted by Wes

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